Loose Lips

The Quincy Blaque Trio - Uneasy Listening Music

Where did Quincy Blaque and his trio come from? This man with the secret agent-sounding name has formed one of the most impressive new bands of the past five years under everybody’s radar.

Uneasy Listening Music is exactly what any artist would want out of a debut record. Well, huge sales and tons of money would be nice, but artistically, the Trio has met every criteria for a great album. This record has so many different voices, yet each sings clearly. Tracks like the standout ‘The Drunkening” have this grizzled, murkiness normally found on Tom Waits albums. The song’s drunken haze bubbles thick, with raucous, yet strangely calming drum rolls. Other tracks like “We’re Too Slow” and “Early Warning Signs” have this British glaze to them, in vein of Elbow and Coldplay. “Far Enough” drones with a stuttered tempo and Quincy’s soothing voice reassuring himself that “life is too sweet it’s always not what it seems / it looks hard to fake / fall asleep in your dreams / that’s not far enough away”. And, in what may be my favorite track, “No Visible Scars”, the Trio cooks this tremendous, rising riff that feels like it is going to explode, but instead, tapers off with a slow whisper, only to rip right back up at the close.

The Quincy Blaque Trio have not only hit everything on the map, but they’ve done it with consistent and outstanding quality. I can’t really get a handle on it, I don’t want to rush it, but this is certainly an early contender for the best album of the year. If this is their jumping off point, I can’t wait to see what heights they’ll achieve.

- Delusions Of Adequacy